Climbing Site Belayer

The PCIA Climbing Site Belayer Certification is a basic training class and evaluation created specifically for the needs of summer camps, gyms and outdoor education programs. The purpose of the course is to provide a nationally standardized curriculum of instruction for individuals who provide supervision and belaying of participants at climbing sites. It is designed to train staff in the key skills required to safely operate a climbing tower or to serve as a climbing site assistant under the direction of more experienced and trained staff who are able to provide anchoring, system set-up, facilitation and rescue as needed.


Climbing Wall Instructor

The PCIA Climbing Wall Instructor Course provides instructors and potential instructors with an in depth, standardized understanding of the skills essential to teaching climbing in an indoor setting. It is the first step in a sequential approach to professional climbing instructor development. The course reinforces the importance of teaching technically accurate information and debunks many common climbing myths.


Sport Climbing Instructor

This course is designed to bridge the gap between indoor climbing instruction and outdoor climbing instruction. Because this course is designed as an adjunct to the PCIA Climbing Wall Instructor course, it requires that all participants be certified as CWI-Lead or higher. The purpose of this course is to allow CWI-Leads who already have the teaching and risk management skills, to be evaluated in outside instruction in a sport climbing setting. It is designed to provide supplemental knowledge and specialized skills that will allow the Sport Climbing Instructor to effectively operate at outdoor climbing sites The scope of this course is limited to sites where there is either non technical access to bolted top anchors, or where the bolted anchors can be reached via a non technical approach and sport leading. Placement of traditional climbing protection (cams, hexes, nuts, tri-cams, etc.) is beyond the scope of the Sport Climbing Instructor course and certification.


Top Rope Climbing Instructor

The Top Rope Climbing Instructor course provides instructors and potential instructors with an in depth and standardized understanding of the skills essential to teaching climbing in an outdoor setting. 


Top Managed Climbing Instructor

Top managed sites hold different risks and require different skills from base managed sites to effectively manage climbing groups. The PCIA Top Managed Climbing Instructor™ Course addresses these needs in a one day course designed to build upon skills acquired in the Top Rope Climbing Instructor™ Course. Like other PCIA courses, the course continues to reinforce the importance of teaching technically accurate information and to debunk many common climbing myths.


Single Pitch Climbing Instructor

Upon completion of all Top Managed Climbing Instructor course components and demonstration of proficient 5.6 traditional leading ability, graduates are upgraded to a certified PCIA Single Pitch Climbing Instructor. There is no separate exam for this level unless an individual is challenging the exam.

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Slope Access Technician

Geotechnical and geo-stabilization workers are often required to access slopes and cliffs using techniques adapted from mountaineering.  For instance, there may be a need to access slopes on short notice or with a minimal number of personnel.  Access to the top for anchoring and rappelling may be difficult.  The terrain can be extremely dirty and quickly foul complicated safety devices.  Mountaineering techniques, when adapted to this environment, offer alternatives.  The PCIA Slope Access Technician Courses have been designed to meet the training needs of those working in mountain-like conditions.  Depending on the scope of the work to be done, mountaineering-based techniques can get the job done quickly, safely and for less money.


Site Verification

This program is intended for specialized programs such as summer camps or organizations that offer limited climbing instruction at a single site with the same staff. Typically these programs are facilitating a climbing experience with the staff belaying participants and are not teaching rock climbing skills such as belaying, anchor construction, etc. to participants. A site verification provides training focused on the specific climbing activities being done and is not comprehensive in nature.


The PCIA accreditation program connects training and certification with accreditation. Two of the founding directors of the PCIA have been involved with the various nationally recognized accreditation programs for nearly twenty years. The PCIA accreditation program builds upon knowledge that the founding members have garnered from their development and administration of the these programs.