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Course Length: One day 

Prerequisites: The candidate should: be at least 18 years old and be a PCIA certified TRCI.
Certification Duration: 3 years.
Re-certification Criteria: There are three re-certification options: (1) take a refresher course; (2) obtain 12 hours of continuing education credits (CEUs); (3) obtain a higher-level certification.

Top managed sites hold different risks and require different skills from base managed sites to effectively manage climbing groups. The PCIA TMCI course addresses these needs in a one-day course designed to build upon skills acquired in the TRCI course. Like other PCIA courses, the course continues to reinforce the importance of teaching technically accurate information and debunks many common climbing myths.

Top Managed Climbing Instructor Course Curriculum:


In addition to the TRCI curriculum the TMCI emphasizes:

  • Legality: Top managed site safety briefings.

  • Safety: Belaying using a variety of systems in a top managed setting; appropriately placing anchor master points and the setting up top managed system for both instructor and/or student belays; supervising a top managed site with at least two climbs operating; top managed rescues; mechanical advantage systems.

  • Instruction/coaching: Coaching multiple climbers through the use of student belays.


Exam Challenges: The TMCI certification may be challenged. Experienced candidates, who can provide evidence of formalized instruction in climbing management and significant field experience, are allowed one attempt to take a one-day exam that assesses the core skills. 


The requirements for exam challenges are:

  • Greater than 3 years experience working 40 or more days per year managing rock or ice climbing sites. These sites should include a diversity of areas that include top and base managed sites with both natural and artificial anchors.

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