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Course Length: ~10 hours

Prerequisites: None

Certification Duration: 1 year

Re-certification Criteria:  Retake the course

The Climbing Site Belayer (CSB) course provides a nationally standardized curriculum of instruction for individuals who supervise and belay at climbing sites. It is designed to train staff in the key skills required to safely operate a climbing tower or serve as a climbing site assistant under a higher-level practitioner.  The course curriculum helps participants develop professional climbing habits from the very beginning of their climbing instructor development.  It also resolves common climbing myths.

Climbing Site Belayer Course Curriculum:

  • Professionalism: Knowledge of basic climbing gear

  • Legality: Facility set up, on-going inspection, and climbing hold maintenance

  • Safety:  Harness application; securing participants to the climbing rope; the use of ground anchors, belayer positioning; minimizing bouldering hazards and providing effective spotting techniques

  • Instruction/coaching: High quality belaying using both aperture and assisted locking devices; communication in base managed systems; improving educational delivery of basic climbing information.

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