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To Our Providers and Members,

We appreciate your continued support and patience as we navigate through the constantly changing pandemic status. The PCIA has decided to take action to empower our providers and support our certified participants as we look forward to being able to increase our programming capacity.

For Providers:

The Board of Directors has seen the need to be flexible with how our courses are delivered and have faith in our providers to make sound judgement calls on adaptations to both the course delivery and format. The PCIA and the Programs Manager are committed to providing you support with shared learning resources and troubleshooting. These course adaptations must fall in line with the local/state policies for groups and disease mitigation and maintain the course delivery standards. This may include offering parts of the curriculum online and or utilizing non-typical environments. Before implementing any large changes, please contact the Programs Manager for approval. Lastly, we know that this will continue to be challenging and want to thank our providers for offering great courses.

For Members:

Many of our members’ certifications have either expired or are set to expire before they may be able to participate in the continuing education required for maintaining certification. We have decided to allow extensions of certifications for extenuating circumstances and are allowing members to submit CEU’s that are delivered online or practiced at home. If you need extra time to submit your CEU’s or would like to discuss alternative CEU’s, feel free to contact me at


We look forward to a time when we no longer need to restrict our interactions but until then we are going to continue to offer the best climbing training possible.





Ben Church

PCIA Programs Manager

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